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Commands and references ( GNU / linux kernel 2.4.18-3 and 2.4.18-14 )   
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds

The commands with their most common usage are in brackets like this: [ command ].
Don't type the brackets, just what is inside of them.

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How to make the Wacom Bamboo Connect work running Ubuntu 11.10

first run the command

As part of the output you should see something like this:
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 056a:00dd Wacom Co., Ltd
That means your machine recognizes the device.

now run these commands (and wait for the operations to stop before going on to the next command):

[sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lekensteyn/wacom-tablet]
[sudo apt-get update]
[sudo apt-get install wacom-dkms]
Now, reboot your computer with the wacom pad plugged in to the usb port. Start up The Gimp and your pad should work.

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