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Commands and references ( GNU / linux kernel 2.4.18-3 and 2.4.18-14 )   
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The commands with their most common usage are in brackets like this: [ command ].
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pdfinfo(1)                                                          pdfinfo(1)

       pdfinfo - Portable Document Format (PDF) document information extractor
       (version 3.00)

       pdfinfo [options] [PDF-file]

       Pdfinfo prints the contents of the .´Info` dictionary (plus  some       other
       useful information) from a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

       The .´Info` dictionary contains the following values:

              creation date
              modification date

       In addition, the following information is printed:

              tagged (yes/no)
              page count
              encrypted flag (yes/no)
              print and copy permissions (if encrypted)
              page size
              file size
              linearized (yes/no)
              PDF version
              metadata (only if requested)

       Pdfinfo  reads a configuration file at startup.  It first tries to find
       the user`s private config file, ~/.xpdfrc.  If that doesn`t  exist,  it
       looks  for  a  system-wide config file, typically /etc/xpdfrc (but this
       location can be changed when pdfinfo is built).  See the xpdfrc(5)  man
       page for details.

       Many  of  the following options can be set with configuration file com-
       mands.  These are listed in square brackets with the description of the
       corresponding command line option.

       -f number
              Specifies  the  first  page  to  examine.  If multiple pages are
              requested using the "-f" and "-l"  options,  the  size  of  each
              requested  page  (and,  optionally,  the bounding boxes for each
              requested page) are printed.  Otherwise, only page one is  exam-

       -l number
              Specifies the last page to examine.

       -box   Prints the page box bounding boxes: MediaBox, CropBox, BleedBox,
              TrimBox, and ArtBox.

       -meta  Prints document-level metadata.  (This is the "Metadata"  stream
              from the PDF file`s Catalog object.)

       -enc encoding-name
              Sets  the  encoding  to  use for text output.  The encoding-name
              must be defined with the  unicodeMap  command  (see  xpdfrc(5)).
              This defaults to "Latin1" (which is a built-in encoding).  [con-
              fig file: textEncoding]

       -opw password
              Specify the owner password for the  PDF  file.   Providing  this
              will bypass all security restrictions.

       -upw password
              Specify the user password for the PDF file.

       -cfg config-file
              Read config-file in place of ~/.xpdfrc or the system-wide config

       -v     Print copyright and version information.

       -h     Print usage information.  (-help and --help are equivalent.)

       The Xpdf tools use the following exit codes:

       0      No error.

       1      Error opening a PDF file.

       2      Error opening an output file.

       3      Error related to PDF permissions.

       99     Other error.

       The pdfinfo software and documentation are copyright 1996-2004 Glyph  &
       Cog, LLC.

       xpdf(1),  pdftops(1),  pdftotext(1),  pdffonts(1),  pdftoppm(1), pdfim-
       ages(1), xpdfrc(5)

                                22 January 2004                     pdfinfo(1)

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