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PDF2DSC(1)                     Ghostscript Tools                    PDF2DSC(1)

       pdf2dsc - generate a PostScript page list of a PDF document

       pdf2dsc input.pdf [ output.dsc ]

       pdf2dsc uses gs(1) to read an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) doc-
       ument "input.pdf" and create  a  PostScript(tm)  document  "output.dsc"
       that   conforms  to  Adobe`s  Document  Structuring  Conventions        (DSC)

       This new document simply tells Ghostscript to read the PDF file and  to
       display pages one at a time.  The generated document can then be viewed
       with any PostScript viewer based on Ghostscript, like  ghostview(1)  on
       Unix  or  GSview on Windows, with which the user can browse through the
       pages of the PDF document in any order.

       If no output file is named on the command line, the name of the  output
       file  is that of the input file with any extension removed, followed by
       the extension ".dsc".

       The DSC document uses Ghostscript-specific  procedures.   In  addition,
       the  original  PDF document must be accessible when the DSC document is

       You need the file "" (originally by  Russell  Lang)  supplied
       with Ghostscript since release 3.53.

       gs(1), ghostview(1)

       This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 7.07.

       Yves Arrouye ( and Russell Lang (

7.07                              17 May 2003                       PDF2DSC(1)

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