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page last modified   2007-06-12

Firefox 2 crashes when I try to play a flash movie or file (segmentation fault).:

On my system which is a Dell Optiplex GX 110 running Slackware 10 with kernel 2.4.26 and GCC 3.3.4 this happened a number of times. Here is a possible explanation:
When you install flash as the plugin you must follow the directions at the Firefox site , in addition to those at the Adobe flash site. The Flash player can be found here:
It has an install script that does not put flashplayer.xpt in the proper place by default

here is a link to the answer to the problem:

Do exactly what they tell you there. Also you can type in the address window of your browser [ about:plugins ] . This will get you to a page with links to the above site (
Before you start with the installation, be sure to find your mozilla directory, not the one in your home directory.
On mine it was in:    /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7/components
you will need to be root to copy flashplayer.xpt to that directory. This solved the problem for me. . . or so I thought. It still crashes occasionally. I ran the script that came with the flashplayer first. It did not copy the .xpt file to the correct directory by default. I needed to copy that file (flashplayer.xpt) to the components directory which is in the mozilla directory in:
This may or may not help in your particular situation.

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