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Commands and references ( GNU / linux kernel 2.4.18-3 and 2.4.18-14 )   
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The commands with their most common usage are in brackets like this: [ command ].
Don't type the brackets, just what is inside of them.

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FIXPS(1)                              FSF                             FIXPS(1)

       fixps - sanitize PostScript files

       fixps [OPTIONS] FILE

       Try to fix common PostScript problems that break postprocessing.

       -h, --help
              display this help and exit

       -v, --version
              display version information and exit

       -q, --quiet
              don`t print informational messages

       -o, --output=FILE
              save result in FILE.  If FILE is `-`, send to stdout

       -f, --force
              force full rewrite by ghostscript

       -n, --no-fix
              don`t fix the FILE, but still honor `-o`

       -c, --check, --dry-run
              don`t perform any action

              -  Remove  junk  before  and after PostScript content - Use only
              Unix end of lines (\n) - Remove empty lines - Fix Apple prologue
              (fixmacps)  -  Fix FrameMaker prologue (fixfmps) - Fix CorelDraw
              prologue (fixnt) - Fix Windows NT 3.5/4.0 prologue (fixnt) - Fix
              Windows  95  prologue  -  Ensure there is a `%%BeginSetup/%%End-
              Setup` section - Removes        Canvas`        extraneaous  `%%EndDocument:`
              comments - Split too long lines

       If  the  FILE  seems  really in a bad state, ghostscript may be used to
       perform a full rewrite.  The output might then be significantly bigger,
       but much safer.

       Written by Akim Demaille.

       Report bugs to (

       Copyright .© 1998-2000 Akim Demaille, Miguel Santana
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR  A  PARTICULAR

       a2ps(1), card(1), fixps(1), pdiff(1), psset(1), texi2dvi4a2ps(1).

       The full documentation for fixps is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info and fixps programs are properly installed at  your  site,  the

              info fixps

       should give you access to the complete manual.

fixps 1.6 (GNU a2ps 4.13)        February 2000                        FIXPS(1)

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