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SAW CLOCK (RACK CLOCK) The saw clock has a face and case that slide down the saw or rack as it runs. The case is very heavy and is made of cast metal. The sheer weight of the clock makes it run. Essentially the weight of the "face and contents behind the face" is the power that makes the clock run. Keep in mind that this clock is marginally powered. This is not intended to be a critical comment indicating somehow that the clock is bad , or inferior. It is the design of the clock. They will run just fine if properly repaired and maintained. Set up is critical ; as is with many clocks. Keeping this clock out of the way of breezes from open windows or fans is very important. Be sure to check the verge pin working faces .If they are worn or if they are loose , the clock will not run. Check each bushing by observing them with an eye loop to see if either is worn oblong. If the bushing is worn you will need to correct that situation particularly if the pivot has a groove in it. Either replace them or turn them over. You can turn the pivot over so it will run on the other side of the pivot. The bushings and pivots are critical on this clock because it is marginally powered. ( This is an example of one of those type of repairs that will work , but is not necessary the "correct" way to do the job.) Also , be sure to check the idler gear on the front plate ; be sure it is not loose enough to cause the mechanism to jam up. More that 2 or 3 thousandths of an inch of wear may cause problems. The saw clock has a couple of critical areas that one must be aware of or successful repair may be impossible. The pendulum portion of the clock is very touchy.It must be balanced perfectly. That is to say it must be in beat perfectly and must be as close to the dial face as possible without hitting the handnut or hand or dial face. It is imperative that you understand completely how to put a clock in beat before you try to repair one of these clocks. If the adjustable weight is bent too far out it adds too much drag to the verge pivots for the clock to run. If any friction here will stop the clock. ( Obviously there will be some friction, but it must be VERY slight. This is something that will take time to learn. It is a matter of getting the feel of how these pendulums work. Just keep in mind that this is a common trouble spot. With the movement module plumb the pendulum should be free to move with less than a whisper of air movement. The rack portion of this clock is also quite critical. It must be absolutely clean and STRAIGHT. Be sure to check the rack to see if it is straight. If it is crooked or bowed straighten it. As is the case will all clocks this clock must hang level and plumb on the wall. Make sure the wall is plumb. Make sure the case does not move even slightly on the wall. It must be secure. If you have to, fasten it to the wall with a screw. It must be FLAT against the wall so as not to move.

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