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We are clearing out our storage area and have some vintage parts available. This is an ongoing
event and different parts will be available as we go through the old stock. Check back often.
We currently have the following vintage hard drives in tested and working condition:

St-225 20 mb mfm
St-251 42 mb mfm
Miniscribe 8438 32MB 3.5IN HH RLL (we have one of these in working condition, used and tested. we also have one for parts.)

The hard drives are tested by low level formatting followed by setting up the boot sector and a file system. They are then
checked for boot up.

We also have a limited supply of floppy drives used, and tested. There are 360k and 1.2m (5.25 inch) sizes available.

These parts are used and old and are offered AS IS, although they are in working order here, they are
offered with no warranty.
If the hard drives boot ok, they are sold as working. The floppy drives are tested for
read, write and boot up. If they read, write and boot they are sold as working.

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