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DIAL REMOVAL Many of the modern triple chime / westminster chime wall clocks available today that use popular european mechanisms have the mechanism mounted to the dial with threaded studs that are fastened to the wooden dial back by screws from the front , hidden behind the dial face. This in itself is not a problem if the dial face comes off easily .However this is not usually the case. Often the dial faces are glued on and will be destroyed or disfigured in the attempt to remove them. In most cases the dial face does not have to be removed. First ; LET THE MAINSPRINGS DOWN. Then loosen the movement mounting studs attached to the threaded posts on the back of the mechanism. Do not take them all the way off ; but allow enough slack for the movement post to be turned freely. Now , simply unscrew the movement posts from the studs mounted to the back of the dial. The bolt in the middle of the mechanism will hold the mechanism together while the posts are being turned.Take care to make sure the posts that are mounted to the dial don't move while you are loosening the movement posts; they are attached under the dial face and may be impossible to tighten up if they come loose.

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