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Determining the correct type of chain: If you have a cuckoo clock that does not have any chains or has chains that do not work correctly there is a way to determine what chain to use. First ,count the number of teeth on the sprocket PICTURE and measure the effective diameter of the sprocket. Keep in mind that most cuckoo clocks sprockets / chains use every other link , so the distance between sprocket teeth must match the distance between 3 centers of links. Use the formula to find the circumference of a circle; to find the distance around the sprocket exterior ; then divide that by the number of teeth to determine the required distance between every other link ie: the distance between sprocket tooth ends. The wire diameter must be such that the links will set in the saddle of the sprocket enclosure without climbing out as the sprocket turns as the clock is running or when the clock is being wound. The links should sit approximately 50% of the way down on the tooth. The final test, however, is whether or not the chain pulls through without any places that bind up. The chain must run though SMOOTHLY or the clock will not work. If the links climb up on the sprocket teeth when the chain is pulled though, then the chain is not the correct link per foot count or the wire diameter is wrong.

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