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Antique cuckoo: 3rd wheel strike has 54 teeth ; is 1.60 in. in diameter .054 inches thick ; this is in a count wheel type mechanism with cast plates 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and typically about 3/32 of an inch in thickness. There is no name stamped on the plates. This information is provided to give you an idea of where to start if you have a mechanism with no main wheel or a main wheel that is badly damaged. Most of these mechanisms are similar. The number of teeth and diameter could be calculated however the thickness of the gear you would not know for sure unless you actually had a sample , and since this is a strike gear train wheel , the calculations will not be as simple as if it were a time gear train because you really don't know how fast that governor "should" be turning without some fairly involved engineering. I have measured these wheels with a micrometer. I realize that there may be variations , but since this is an original wheel you have information that is much better than a guess.

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